Surround yourself with the right people

Do you know that you can accurately predict where and who you’ll be five years from now? If you want to know-how, the answer is simple: by the company you keep. The people you forge relationships with have a major impact and influence on your life – either positive or negative. And that is why I think that being selective about who you allow into your life should be considered as an important part of self-care. 


So, if life’s too short and you want to spend it with people who bring out the best out of you, why not cut off friends whose energy brings you down and limit your social circle to a small but solid, positive, and supportive group of people? There’s a reason that I have specifically mentioned social circles here. And that is because we can’t deny the fact that it is not always an option or an easy option to cut off toxic family members or even colleagues.
However, our social circle comprises people who we consciously choose and hence it is our responsibility to ourselves that we must choose it well. 
But how do we identify the wrong relationships that we are allowing in our life? 
Here’s a quick list of questions to help you with that:
  • Are they saying one thing to your face but another less kind thing about you behind your back?
  • Are they associating with you only because they want something?
  • Do they lack self-control and don’t care about the consequences of telling your secrets to others?
  • Are they judging you based on your family or educational background?
  • Do they find it easier to put you down instead of providing you with constructive criticism?
  • Do they lie to or about their parents, families, you, other people?
  • Do they connect your success or progress to reasons which are derogatory or untrue?
  • Are they keeping you away from being better or healthier?
  • Are they jealous of you and your achievements?
  • Do you feel like you are getting no value from these associations?
  • The number of times you answer Yes to the above questions will give you an insight into what kind of action you need to take but if you still want to hear it from me, here’s what you need to do with such people – cut them off your life ! The sooner the better. 
Afterall, Self-care is an extremely important thing that we should all practice and it is about giving yourself the love you deserve. It is caring for yourself and your well-being just as much or more than you care about others.

Self-care is about filling your life with good and positive people and letting their energy overflow your life with optimism and happiness.

So let go of drama, toxicity, and negative people. Choose love, happiness, and great energy instead. Then, watch what happens.This way you can make space in your life for the right associations for you.