Social Media – Boon or Bane?


While it’s true that sharing happiness increases its quantity and sharing sadness reduces its pain, I think that the social media obsessed generation nowadays is beginning to confuse the role of social media platforms to that of personal human interaction or a personal dairy.

Today, we find that a lot of people relate their self worth directly to the number of likes and followers they have on such platforms. According to psychologists Wilcox and Stephen, people tend to present a socially desirable and positive self view to others when online. In turn, this leads to an increase in the individuals self esteem, but causes a decrease in self control. As people constantly try to paint a picture of a perfect life to the audience that is composed of the so called “friends” list; for a narcissist, this feeds into the need to be admired and the more reception a post receives, the more affirmation is fed into this type of behaviour. For the anxious, online interactions translate into real life interaction and this feeds into the anxious feeling of whether people like them or not, corresponding with what kind of reception their online post receives.

However, this type of physiological addiction is dangerous and far from sustainable. It does more harm than good.

Maybe we should therefore take a moment to realise that the key to ultimate happiness lies in one’s ability to look inwardly. It is about having gratitude and being truly satisfied while living each life experience to the fullest. It is also about understanding that not every part of one’s private life needs to be made public and it is about redirecting ones attention to how their life feels instead of how it looks. Hence, while I continue to applaud, acknowledge and propagate the numerous advantages of social media platforms, my only advice to readers would be to beware of its flip side and understand how much of it is too much of it.

Remember that just because it is posted on social media does not mean it is true and just because it isn’t does not mean it is not happening.