Married life marks the beginning of a very significant and special phase of life for a woman. Pre marital training helps to ensure that the “bride to be” is absolutely ready to shine in this new phase.
8 day of virtual training for our Brides to be
This is a ‘Weekends only training course’. Here is what it will cover-
Day 1: Skincare and Nutrition
Day 2: Hairstyling and Make Up
Day 3: Yoga for the soul
Day 4: Soft Skills
Day 5: Fashion Consulting
Day 6: Personal Shopping Tips
Day 7: Dining Etiquettes
Day 8: Counselling
Course Duration – 8 days
Course Fee (Personal Consultation) : INR 10000 /- **
(Group Consultation) : INR 5000/- **
**Terms and Conditions Apply